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The intention of this site is to propagate the glory of Lord Anjaneya [Hanuman].

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Our salutations to this Hanuman who always brings subham - everything that is good - for His devotees and eliminates the bad and the evil. He removes even the traces of bad thoughts and deeds from His devotees. i.e He makes them pure in words, thought and deed.






Brief biography of Hanumath devotees

Sri Raghuttama Teertharu

Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu

Sri Raghunatha Teertharu was a great Guru in the lineage of Sri Uttaradhi mutt who had spread the message of Sri Madhvacharya’s dwita philosophy throughout the Bharat vansh. He had chosen Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu to head the mutt following him. Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu is also a great Guru. A miracle that took place during his tour will show us the greatness of this Guru. When besieged by the men of kings’ army in the village Manipur on the bank of river Bhimarathi, Guru wanted to cross the river and go to the other side of the river. When he carried the pooja box on his shoulders and tried to cross the river, the river gave way which resembled the reenactment of the incident when Yamuna gave way to Sri Vasudeva carrying Lord Sri Krishna.

He had travelled extensively throughout the country to spread the dwita philosophy. On an auspicious day he was given direction by the Sri Moola Rama [the deity of the mutt] that Sri Nirutti will be reincarnating in the village Swarnavadi and the child should be brought up at the Mutt. As per this divine direction Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu went to village Swarnavadi.


Nirutti, is the guardian of the south west direction of vaikunta. In accordance to the taratamya stotra he is the purvashrama sister of Sri Madhvacharya. Nirutti occupies the seventeenth position in the taratamya. In the kali yuga, Nirutti devata, who is on equal taratamya as that of Pravahi, Mithra, Tara and others was ordained to come to the earth as Sri Raghuttama teertharu. It may be mentioned here Nirutti is one of the thousand Nama of Sri Mukhya praana [Sri Anjaneya].

Birth of Golden Child

In the village Swarnavati he was received with all honors. It is customary of the saints to accept ‘Bhiksha’ from the people who are having children. Sri Subba Batha was a zamindar of the village. He and his wife Gangabai were not blessed with any child. They wanted to offer Bhiksha to Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu, but the saint refused. But after days of persuasion the saint told the couple that he can accept their Bhiksha provided the first born male child of theirs is handed over to the mutt. The couple took the blessing of the saint and accepted to handover the child to the mutt. Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu performed the pooja of Sri Moola Rama and accepted the Bhiksha offered in the house of the couple. The saint gave Phala Mantrakshate to the couple.

Some time later, the news spread that the couple was to be blessed with a child and Sri Gangabai is pregnant now. Once the news reached the mutt, Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu ordered that a big golden plate be made and sent to the couple, with the instruction to receive the child directly in the golden plate without allowing the child to touch the earth.

When a male child was born to the couple Sri Subba Batha and Sri Gangabai, he was received in the golden plate without allowing the child to touch the earth. As vouched by the couple they gave the child to the mutt.

Sri Ramachandra

The child was named as Sri Ramachandra by Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu and was brought up in the mutt. The main feed for the child was Abhishekha milk of the main deity of the mutt. He was in the company of many scholars of the mutt. When the boy attained the age of seven, as per the tradition, on an auspicious day the upanayanam was performed.

Sri Raghuttama Teertharu

After a year Sri Ramachandra was initiated into sanyasa under the dekshe name Sri Raghuttama Teertharu. Sri Raghuttama Teertharu received his initial studies directly from his guru Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu. After some time he studied Nyaya Sudha and Vedhantha from the learned pundit Sri Adya Varadacharya of the mutt as per the direction of Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu.

Blessing to Sri Teertharu by his Guru

Pundit Sri Adya Varadacharya taught Sri Teertharu with pride and in course of time he stopped coming to the mutt for teaching and Sri Teertharu had to go to his house for learning. On one Dwadasi day Sri Teertharu was to go along with Pundit Varadacharya for food to one Dalapathi’s house.

After finishing his daily pooja Sri Raghuttama Teertharu went to Dalapthi house to find that Pundit Varadacharya had already commenced taking food without waiting for Sri Teertharu. Sri Teertharu felt bad about what had happened that day and after praying he went for vishram that night. In the wee hours of the next day his prayers were answered in the form of his Guru Sri Raghuvarya Teertharu. Sri Guru had inscribed the symbolical letters on the tongue of Sri Raghuttama Teertharu and blessed him that he would be a master of all knowledge and learning and could commence teaching his disciples. Further he was directed to make the mutt strong and a powerful center of religious and philosophical learning.

Garvabhaga of Sri Varadacharya

The next day onwards Sri Raghuttama Teertharu himself started to take classes and delivered lectures on Nyaya Sudha in mellifluent voice which was sweeter than honey. The elucidatory manner in which the teachings and the inner meaning of Nyaya Sudha was explained by Sri Teertharu made his disciples void of any doubts. One day Pundit Varadacharya, who had certain doubts in a portion of Nyaya Sudha, hid himself to listen to the clarification offered by Sri Teertharu. After listening to the elucidation given by Sri Teertharu his doubts were dispelled and he fell at the feet of Sri Raghuttama Teertharu and sought pardon. Sri Teertharu comforted Sri Varadacharya and decreed that he will receive the first teertham of mutt.


Once Sri Raghuttama Teertharu, devotee of Sri Mukhya Praana [Sri Hanuman] was passing through a forest with his disciples and a gang of highway robbers attacked the convoy. Sri Teertharu went into mediation [of Sri Hanuman!]. Suddenly, the robbers were enveloped by forest fire [rakshasas surrounded by fire in Lanka!]. The robbers then realised the greatness of Sri Teertharu and sought pardon for their action. Compassionate Sri Teertharu saved them. Many such extraordinary miracles had taken place during his life time.

Sri Mukhya Praana [Sri Anjaneya] and Sri Raghuttama Teertharu

Sri Raghuttama Teertharu, devotee of Sri Mukhya Praana [Sri Hanuman] had expounded the Dwitha philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya through his works. Of this his five works titled as “Bhava Bhoda” are great works which brings out the nature and hidden meanings of the works of Sri Madhvacharya and Sri Jayatirtha.

Brihadaranya Bhavabhoda, Nyaya Vivarana Bhavabhoda, Gitabhashya Bhavabhoda (Prameya Dipika Bhavabhoda), Vishnutatvanirnaya Bhavabhoda, Tattvaprakashika Bhavabhoda are the five Bhava Bodhas written by him. This gave him the name Bhavabodhakararu.

While writing these great works in Srirangam in Tamil Nadu he sought the approval of Sri Anjaneya every time. Whenever he sought approval, Sri Anjaneya had nodded His head and gave approval. All these work has the approval of Sri Mukhya Praana.


Sri Raghuttama Teertharu desired to enter the Brindavana at Manampundi (Thirkoilur) on the banks of river South Pinakini (Pennar) which is in Villupuram District of present Tamil Nadu. This place is also known as "Pancha Krishnaranya Kshetra". Shri Raghuttama Teertharu entered Brindavana in 1595 AD on the day of Vaikunta Ekadashi.

|| Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram ||
|| Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram ||


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