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Singri Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple

Sri Bala Anjaneya of Lakshmi Narashimha temple
Singri, Vellore Dist., T Nadu

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Singri Koil

SINGRI KOIL, is a village, situated at a distance of about twenty kilometers from Vellore. One can approach this place from Kizvallam/Kannamangalam. The tiny village is famous for the shrine of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy on the top of the hill. Kannamangalam is around twenty one kilometers from Vellore and one had to take the road on right to reach Singri Koil which is around eight kilometers from Kannamanglam. On both the sides of the road one can see beautiful paddy field which will be feast to the eyes. The sight of the temple on the hill top will be filling your heart with happiness, when seen from the distance. The Gopuram which is seen from the distance is called ‘kali gopuram’ [meaning empty tower or tower of wind in Tamil] by us. When we were young we use to climb to the top and play in the ‘kali gopuram’. Today the rocks had come closer therefore to prevent any eventualities they had closed path leading to the gopuram.

Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Singri Bala Anjaneya Swamy sannidhi The temple is on a small hillock, which is nearly hundred feet high and can be reached after climbing about 50 steps. Small rivulet will be flowing on the foot hill. One had to cross the rivulet to step on to the hill is a nature’s gift to enter the temple clean. During the rainy season the water flow in the river will be heavy. The small temple on the top of the hill mainly consists of big sanctum sanctorum of Lord Sri Lakshmi Narashimha and sannidhis for Lord Garuda and Lord Anjaneya.

Unique Sri Lakshmi Narashimha Swamy

The main deity Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is seen in the sitting posture with four hands — two hands hold the conch and the disc, His third (left) hand is on his lap and fourth (right) hand is around the waist of Goddess Lakshmi. The image of the Lord is nearly six feet in height. Goddess Lakshmi is seen here sitting on the right lap of the Lord, unlike the other temples where She is sitting on the left lap of the Lord. Thirumanjanam is performed on every Swathi Nakshatram, which is the birth star of Narasimha.

Ancient temple and Sri Bala Anjaneya

The shrine is around thousand years old. The inscriptions around the sanctum sanctorum, testifies the fact that this temple was built by Nandhi Varman. Apart from having the dharshan of Sri Lakshmi Narashimha, there are lots of pilgrims who visit this temple for taking the blessings from Sri Bala Anjaneya also.

Sri Bala Anjaneya

The shrine for Sri Lord Anjaneya is built separately on the north east corner of the complex. Since Lord is seen as child, He is known by as Sri Bala Anjaneya. The Lord is seen in the Anjali hastan, though the idol looks small the ‘keerthi’ of the Lord resounds in the surroundings. He is worshiped here as a deity who bestows parenthood for the childless couples. Many couples from Vellore onwards come here to get the blessing of the Lord.


Location of the temple :    "Sri Lakshmi Narashima Temple, Singiri, T Nadu"


Next time when you are planning to visit Vellore or nearby, vist this unique temple at Singri where Lord Narashima is seen with His consort on his right lap. And carry the blessings of Sri Bala Anjaneya also.


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