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Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneyer Temple, Krishnapuram, T Nadu

Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneyer Temple
Krishnapuram, T Nadu

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Set on the beautiful scenic background and with paddy fields all around is a temple for Lord Anjaneya. Surrounded by Western Ghats on one side and lush paddy field on the other side, this temple is an feast for the eye from the distance itself. This temple for Lord Anjaneya is located at Krishnapuram near Kadayanallur in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. One can reach this beautiful village from Tenkasi or Sankarankoil.

As you get down at Krishnapuram bus stop, there is a road perpendicular to the main road will lead you to the temple which is around one kilometer. From this road there is an approach road to the temple which is around five hundred meters. Land for this approach road had been donated by a retired school master belonging to this village. (He also takes part in the maintenance of the temple, poor feeding etc.) One has to pass through the paddy field and enter the temple complex. Before we have the dharshan of Lord Sri Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya let us see the history of the temple.


Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneyer Temple, Krishnapuram, Tirunelveli Dist Having been crowned king of Kishkinta with the help of Sri Rama, Sugriva sends his force in all directions on mission of locating the whereabouts of Sri Sita Devi. The team which went down South was headed by Sri Angatha ably assisted by Sri Jambavan and Sri Anjaneya. Sri Rama who had confidence on Sri Anjaneya had entrusted with him an ring which was to be given to Sita.

The team under the leadership of Sri Angatha could not locate Sita within the time stipulated by their king Sri Sugriva, but instead of returning to Kishkinta they preferred continuing their search.

After a long search along the Western Ghats the team became ravenous and thirsty and was in look out for food and water. Sri Anjaneya then saw a wet bird (sakravaha pakshi) coming out of a cave, he then asked all his team members to enter the cave following him. Inside the cave they saw a stunning township with trees bearing fruits, flowering plants, ornamenting creepers and lakes with lotus floating. The houses were having roof laid with gold sheets. There was a pious woman with tejus sitting and meditating in one of the house.

Sri Anjaneya narrated his mission to the tapasvini and sought for water and food. The tapasvini whose name is Swayamprabha told him the story of hers and that of the city. Mayan a mayavi belonging to clan of Viswakarma meditated upon Brahma and under the boon of Brahma had built this wonderful city. He fell in love with an apsaras by name Hema. Indra came to know of it and waged a war against Maya for this and killed Maya. Thereby Indra had incurred sin of killing Mayan. Brahma then restored this city to Hema and Swayamprabha is guarding this 'pellam'-cave.

After having food and water in the cave city built by Mayan, the vanaras were told to close their eyes and Swayamprabha guided them to the mouth of the cave, and vanished into the cave. (upto this we could find in the Valmiki Ramayana)

As per the local legend after Sita Devi was rescued from Srilanka, Sri Rama and Sri Anjaneya had made a visit to the cave and met Swayamprabha. As requested by Hema and Swayamprabha Sri Anjaneya was asked to rule the place. It is also said that a yagna was performed by both Sri Anjaneya and Sri Rama here.

The Anjaneya Temple Complex

Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneyer Temple, Krishnapuram, Tirunelveli Dist A very simple and pleasant temple has been built in front of the tank. The two mouths of the cave could be seen in the tank. While one cave is inoperative, the other is said to be leading to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. It is said that the sanctum sanctorum had been built at the very same spot where the yagna had been performed by Sri Rama and Sri Anjaneya. It is claimed even now the land around the sanctum bores ashes, which is being offered as prasad. After having dharshan of the caves you come across a big hall which houses Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Sri Anjaneya, which is recently built. The separate sannadhi of Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneya, the moolavar is under the same roof. The time of installation of this deity is not known, and said to be very very old. In fact the entire complex had come up around this sannadhi. There are samadhis of sadhus around the temple, and to denote the place there are either tulasi or vila plant has been planted. In the South-West corner of the complex there is meditation hall in which Sri Anjaneya in Yoga mudra is seen in the centre of the hall.

Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneya

The shrine of Lord Anjaneya is seen facing south, so also Lord Anjaneya. The majestic Anjaneya is about six feet tall and standing on the ground. It is said that the rock goes deep below the ground. His legs are seen as if He is coming forward towards the devotee to bless him. With His right hand in 'Abhaya mudra', He offers all His devotees 'nirbhaya'. His left hand is seen resting on His left thigh. His neck is adorned with three types of garlands and in one of them a pendent is seen. He is wearing an ear ring as well as an ornament on the top of the ear. His tail is raised above the head and there is small bell in the end of the tail. The most gracias is His glowing eyes, directly showering compassion and karuna on His devotees.



To get rid of the fear and to stay calm, visit this temple and have dharshan of Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneya. Take home His blessing who is ever eager to bestow the same.


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