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Sri Anajneyar Temple, Bazzar Street, Kumbakonam, T Nadu

Sri Anajneyar Temple, Bazzar Street, Kumbakonam, T Nadu

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Kumbakonam or Kudanthai

According to Hindu philosophy a particular period is ended with the pralaya-deluge. Brahma the creator has the responsibility of recreating the universe again. The present cycle of creation was to be done by Brahma, therefore He had placed the seeds of creation during the last deluge along with Amertha - nectar in a pot called kumbam in Sanskrit. The coconut was placed on the mouth of kumbam and was sanctified with a yagnopavetha before the deluge. During the deluge the kumba had floated from Himalayas down south and settled in a place presently located in Tamil Nadu. Since the kumba had come to rest and the Amertha-nectar had flown through the nostril of the Kumba the location is known as Kumbakonam. In Tamil kumba is known as kudam and nostril as mooku hence the place is known as Kudanthai in Tamil.

According to legend, Lord Shiva in disguise of a hunter came to the location and broke the kumba with the arrow. The Amertha-nectar had fallen on a spot and a water body - tank was created. The tank is known as Mahamaha theertham. Once in twelve years on the particular day (in the solar month of masi - Feb-Mar) it is considered as auspicious to take bath in the tank. People from all over India come to take bath during this time to Kumbakonam.

The place where the kumba came to rest and Lord Shiva appeared to ensure recreation of current cycle of creation is presently where Kumbeswar temple is located. The maha maham tank is just around two kilometers.

Temples around Kumbeswar temple

Sri Kumbeswar and the Goddess Mankalambika are the main deities of the Sri Kumbeswar temple. The town of Kumbakonam is built around this temple, and the place is hub of all religious, cultural, social and business activities. Since there are many temples in the town of Kumbakonam the town is known as Temple town. Almost all the temples are built around two important tanks of the town, namely Mahamaha tank and Potramarai tank. The Potramarai tank is just in front of the Sri Kumbeswar temple on the Eastern side. The road running perpendicular to the road connecting Potramarai tank and the temple is known as Bazzar Street.

On the two ends of the Bazzar Street are two famous temples. On the southern end is Sri Ramaswamy temple where the presiding deity is Sri Ramaswamy with His consort Sri Sitadevi. On the northern end is Sri Chakrapani temple where the presiding deity is Sri Chakrapani with His consort Sri Vijayavalli. On the eastern side of the Potramarai tank is Sri Sarangapani temple, where the presiding deity is Sri Aravamudhan (Sri Sarangapani as utsavar) with His consort Sri Komalavalli. All these four temples are very important temples of the Kumbakonam.

Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple of Bazzar Street

Anjaneya temple, Bazzar Street, Kumbakonam There is a separate temple for Sri Anjaneya Swami in main Bazzar Street on the West bank of the Potramarai tank. Temple is east facing and attracts large number of devotees. For the local people this temple is as important as the other four temples mentioned above.

Sri Anjaneya Swami of temple attracts attention of three major temples mentioned above. In the Brahmostavam (annual festival) of Sri Aravamudhan of Sri Sarangapani temple (in eastern side of this temple), Sri Anjaneya of this temple participates in equity. When Sri Ramaswamy of Sri Ramaswamy temple (in the southern side of this temple) is taken on procession Sri Anjaneya Swami of this temple is honored by the visit of Sri Ramaswamy. In the same way when Sri Chakrapani of Sri Chakrapani temple (in the northern side of this temple) is taken on procession Sri Anjaneya Swami of this temple is honored by the visit of Sri Chakrapani. These are the uniqueness of Sri Anjaneya Swami of this temple.

Sri Anjaneya Swami

The temple is facing east so also Sri Anjaneya Swami. The devotee can have dharshan of the Lord from the road itself. The vigraha is in the form of ardha shila. While the Lord is facing east He is seen walking towards north. Lord is seen blessing the devotees with the right hand in abhya mudra and in the left hand He holds a lotus flower while resting the palms in the left thigh. In front of the moolavar the utsavar with anjali hastha is standing.

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One had to be blessed to have dharshan of this unique Lord Anjaneya Swami and get any of his wishes fulfilled.


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