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Sant Kamali ka Hanuman Mandir
Hanumangunj, Bhopal, M Pradesh

ram prabhu misra, bhopal*


Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating amalgam of scenic beauty, old historic city and modern urban planning. It is situated on the site of an 11th century city Bhojpal, founded by Raja Bhoj. The present city was planned and established by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed (1707 -1740). His descendants build Bhopal into a beautiful city.

Rulers of the place

The city of Bhopal has witnessed many changes since it was found by the Afghan soldier Dost Mohammed in the year 1708 for the Gond queen, Kamlapati. The power then went transferred to the Afghans and descendents. The old city still reminds you of the past glory of the rulers, among them succession of powerful Begums who ruled Bhopal from 1819 to 1926. The city has been through many phases, gentle as well as turbulent, prosperous as well as disastrous.

Sant Kamali

Kamali Maharaj at Hanuman Mandir,Hanumangunj, Bhopal There was a Sant by name Kamali also known as Kamaldas during the rule of Begum Shahjahan. The Sant was an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. He was living under a peepal tree in the then garden maintained by Begum Shahjahan, presently near the CSP Office, earlier known as Hanumangunj police station and Bhopal main bus stand. Many people use to visit him to have dharshan of the Sant and take his blessings. Every day there use to be a bhajan in the praise of Lord Ram and Hanuman and on finishing of the bhajan the Sant use to blow the conch for long. For many days jagrathra use to performed ie, bhajan throughout the night and will come to an end only in the early morning.

Begum Shahjahan's encounter with Sant Kamali

Begum Shahjahan the then ruler of Bhopal took objection to the blowing of the couch especially during the wee hours. She ordered his soldiers to find out as to who is responsible for this. The soldiers reported back stating that Sant Kamali is performing bhajan and he is blowing the couch. The Begum ordered that the playing of conch will be treated as offence henceforth and the Sant may be informed accordingly. When the message was carried by the soldiers to the Sant, in reply Sant told them that he would neither stop the bhajan or playing of conch till his death. Begum ordered killing of the Sant to the soldiers for his disobedience of the royal order.

Mystic powers of the Sant Kamali

Kamali Hanuman Mandir,Hanumangunj, Bhopal The soldiers when went to execute the Sant, to their astonishment found the Sant was lying dead under the peepal tree. The matter was reported to the Begum Shahjahan. But the next day early morning again the couch was played. Begum was annoyed and asked the soldiers to find out whether the Sant is really dead. She asked the commandant to behead the Sant and take apart the hands and legs. When went to the peepal tree to execute the royal orders, the commandant found that the Sant Maharaj cut into peaces and laying there. The commandant went back to the Begum and reported the matter. Again next day Begum heard the sound of the couch. Astonished Begum went personally to see as to what is happening in her garden maintained on eight acres of land. She could hear the couch blowing but could see the couch but not the Sant Kamali. She realised that the Sant is genuine and apologised for her act. Sant Kamali Maharaj appeared from nowhere and told her that he will be performing his duty till the Lord calls him.

Begum Khurishia

During the reign of Begum Khurishia Sant Kamali was donated eight acares of land for construction of the temple. It all begun when the Begum lost her loved necklace, even after long search in the Mahal there was no trace of it anywhere. On a quick thought she approached Sant Kamali Maharaj to help her trace her necklace. When she went to him for the same, even without uttering of a word by her Sant told her as to why she had taken the pain of coming upto this place when she should have recovered the necklace wrapped in a red cloth in her under bed. Begum was thrown aback as to how the Sant could know as to what for she had approached him. She ordered her trusted commandant to recheck and verify the bedroom. The commandant came back with the necklace wrapped in the red cloth and told Begum the he found it under the bed tucked between layers.

Begum Khurishia's gift

Impressed, Begum Khurishia donated eight acres of land and asked her force to help construction of the temple as desired by the Sant Kamali Maharaj. Because of the Sant Kamali and the temple built by him for Lord Hanuman this entire area had come known as Hanumanganj. This kshethra is so sacred one fells blessed to have visited the site where Sant had performed pooja and nama sangeerthan to the Lord Hanuman.

The Temple for Hanumanji

The temple had been built where Sant Kamali Maharaj had worshiped Lord Hanuman. The temple is south facing and now there are three- ardh shila adoring the temple and all these murthis are facing south. The temple is a scenic beauty, housing three ardh shila and one is around nine feet height, the other is around three feet height, and third is around two feet height. The temple is situated in Hanumanganj near police station and Bhopal main bus stand.

Even today you can see the Lord Hanuman worshiped by the Sant Kamali which is about two feet height under the peepal tree. There is a large statue installed for the Sant Kamali near by. You can see the conch blown by the Sant Kamil there.



Next time when around Bhopal, please visit this ancient vibrant ancient temple and carry the blessings of Lord Hanuman and Sant Sri Kamali Maharaj.


[ed. december 2005]
* the author is working for M.P.Police at Bhopal



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