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Anuvavi Sri Anjaneya Temple, Coimbatore, T Nadu

smt. santha devi, coimbatore

Sri Rama-Ravana yud

It is said that there is match to the battle that was fought between Sri Rama and Ravana. The battle was furious, fraught with temper, the vigor of all those in the field was at the peak, a fierce battle it was. There were line up of the great warriors on either side, mere mention of the name itself will create fear on the other side. Such was the battle that took place in Lanka. In the battle field the magical weapon used by Inderjit the son of Ravana wounded Sri Lakshmana the younger brother of Sri Rama. Lakshmana was unconscious lying in the battleground. Vibishana was anxious. Vibishana and Anjaneya seek guidance from Sri Jambhavan.

The Task

Jambhavan tells that there are four herbs "mritha sanjeevini, vishalya karanee, suwarna karanee, sandhani" which are glowing in nature that can bring to life all the people who are wounded and dead in the battlefield. These herbal plants are in the Himalayan region. To bring these herbs in the short time is a task. It is only Sri Anjaneya who could do this miracle.

Task accomplished

Anuvavi Hanuman Temple, Coimbator With the task of bringing the herbs Sri Anjaneya Swami goes to Himalayan region and saw the mountain mentioned by Sri Jambhavan. But to his astonishment he could see no herbal plants, which are glowing in nature. When he understood that the plants were hiding themselves and after moments thought he took the entire "owushadi parvat" and started his journey towards Sri Lanka. The Devas were wonder struck at this action of Sri Anjaneya and they were so pleased and started praising him.

Thirsty Anjaneya and Lord Subramaniya

Sri Anjaneya was flying towards Sri Lanka, carrying the mountain in his palm. While near mountain ranges called podhikai he felt thirsty but he continued his journey. Lord Karthikeya (son of Lord Siva and Parvati. Popularly known as Lord Murugan in Tamil Nadu) with his consort Sri Divayani happen to there in one of those mountains at that time. They saw Sri Anjaneya flying southwards and they realised that Anjaneya was thirsty, in a moments time Karthikeya pierced the mountain with the spear (the weapon associated with Lord Muruga known as 'Vel' in Tamil) held in his hand. Alas! fountain erupted out of the mountain. Sri Anjaneya flew down a little to capture the water coming out as fountain and quenched his thirst and continued his journey.

The spring

Even today you could see the place where Lord Muruga had made the fountain in the mountain to quench the thirst of Lord Anjaneya. The water from the spring is now collected in a small tank and used by devotees as 'prasad' for curing the ailment. The spring "ANUVAVI" ('anu' stands for anuman and 'vavi' stands for spring) is near Coimbatore. Now the place, which is nearly twenty kilometers from Coimbatore, is itself called Anuvavi. The place is located in the village named Periya Thadagam.

The 'Anuvavi' temple

Set in a serine background the welcome arch stands near the main road welcoming you to the temple. The welcome arch is beautifully designed. On one side there is Lord Genasha and on the other side Lord Anjaneya.

There are nearly 550 steps to be claimed to reach the main temple. There is small temple for the Genasha on the way. Main deity here is Lord Subramaniya (Sri Karthikeya) with his consorts Sri Divayani and Sri Velli. Adjacent to sannathi of Lord Subramaniya is the sannathi of Lord Anjaneya Swami. There is a small 'rath' made of wood for taking the deity around the temple in 'parikrima'. If you climb the steps that are adjacent to the Anjaneya sannathi, you will see the place from where Lord Subramaniya had witnessed Lord Anjaneya quenching his thirst. Adjacent to that is the spring from where water is collected in the tank.

The Festivals Celebrated

The temple celebrates all the functions connected with Lord Subramaniya like Karthika of every month, thi pusam, panguni uttaram vikasi visakam etc.


Location of the temple :    "Anuvavi Sri Anjaneya Temple, Coimbatore"


The temple may look small but the serine surroundings makes you forget the worries you may have. The Lords of this temple are sure to bestow upon you peace of mind. Next time when you are around Coimbatore make it a point to have dharshan of Lord Subramaniya and Lord Anjaneya of Anuvavi.


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