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Prangan of Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad

Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad

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Prangan of Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad The present day Hyderabad originally had Golkonda as the nucleus. It was ruled by Eastern Chalukya dynasty followed by Kakatiyas. They were defeated by Alauddin Khalji in early 14th century and the place was subsequently ruled by various Sultanates. Sultan Quli, a governor of Golkonda, revolted against the Bahmani Sultanate and established the Qutb Shahi dynasty in early sixteenth century. The famous Charminar and Mecca Masjid were built during their rule. From them it went to Mughals till Asif Jah established his independent rule and named the region as Hyderabad Deccan, and started what came to be known as the Asif Jahi dynasty.

Bowlis of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is an upland territory (ground elevated above the lowlands) along rivers and situated between eastern and western range hills. Normally any upland territory is likely to depend on ground water as a main source for the water needs. Rulers and nobles of the society contributed for digging and constructions of wells as a water source in these areas. Many wells which are constructed for the community benefit were either normal well or step well depending upon the terrain and community utility.

While a well in Telugu will be nuthi or nuyyi, in Hindi it is baoli, in Deccan area this word baoli changed to bowli. In Hyderabad we had many wells and step-wells built during earlier years. The well catering to community from the surrounding area was named by the locals for their convenience. The reason for naming the bowli could be based on the quality of the water, people or the community to which that bowli caters, or an event or noble who built the well.. Hyderabad had many bowli during the past like Gachibowli, Rethibowli, Doodhbowli, Putlibowli, Gangabowli, Haribowli, Hathibowli, Enginebowli. Many of them had disappeared but some of the areas are still holding on to the bowli name.


Sannidhi of Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad This is a place very near Charminar. This place gets its name from the green-well “Haribowli” once located here. It is a place adjusted to Shalibanda. It had been a place where many nobles of the time and trusted advisors of the Nawab, belonging to the Sanatana dharma had lived. Over the period of time many temples had been built by various people and nobles with the concurrence of the ruler of that particular time.

Sri Mukhyapraana Temple

There are many temples in the Haribowli area. Many of them are very ancient nearly three hundred four hundred years old. One such temple is a temple for Sri Mukhyapraana.

Devotees who follow the preaching of Madhvacharya and practicing Dvaita philosophy were living in this area, and their place of dwelling was known as Agrahaaram. As was their practice they had established a temple for Mukhyapraana for their worship in this Agrahaaram. It is not known exactly when the temple was built but said to be at least two hundred and fifty years old or more.

Sannidhi of Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad We had seen one such temple in Lal Darwaja area which is few minutes’ walk away. Many heads of different Madhva mutts had visited this temple. Sri Uttradi Math had recently taken steps to improve the facilities in this temple. This Mukhyapraana temple at Haribowli known as Sri Dasa Hanuman Temple is now known as “Sri Dasa Hanuman Temple, Sri Uttradi Math”.

Temple complex

The temple is facing east. The bill board states the name of the temple as “Sri Dasa Hanuman Mandir”. As one enters the complex huge pipal tree giving full shade over the open space welcomes the devotees. On one side one can see navagraha sannidhi. Gosala is also being maintained by the temple. Lot of open space is available in the complex. Canopy is erected here and the devotees assemble to celebrate all religious functions like Madva jayanthi, Hanumath jayanthi, Hindu new year Ugadi etc. Apart from these havans are also conducted on specific days as directed by the HH of Uttarati math. The main temple comprises a rectangular hall and a Garbhagraham. Regular parayanams like Hari vayu stuti and other stutis by the group of devotees are held in this hall. Devotees can have darshan of Sri Dasa Hanuman from the hall itself. The Garbhagraham is centered in the hall, leaving space all around and thus facilitating devotees to make ‘parikrama’ of the Garbhagraham.

Dasa Anjaneya

Sri Dasa Hanuman of Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad Moortham of Lord is about three feet in height. It is made of a single granite stone along with decorated prabha. Prabha is seen standing on two pillars.

Dasa Hanuman is standing facing east with folded hands and His both the palms put together. Both the lotus feet of the Lord are adorned with thandai and nupur. Lord is wearing dhoti in kacham style and girdle made of a triple string of mouja-grass. He is wearing ornamented hip belt. His both folded hands are adorning with keauram in upper arm and bracelet in fore-arm. He is wearing two malas as ornaments, one of which is close to His bosom and the other is longer and comes upto His knee. The tail of the Lord rises above His head, the end of which is slightly coiled. A small belt is also seen in the end of the tail. Lord is wearing ear-studs [kundalam] which are touching His shoulders. His bright eyes are radiating compassion on the devotee.



Location of the temple :    "Dasa Hanuman Temple, Hari Bowli, Hydrabad"


Lord had blessed and protected His devotees of this kshetra during difficult times. Darshan of Lord of this kshetra who bestows courage to face all problems is sure to bring harmony in life for His devotees.


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