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Makara Dwaram of Veera Mangala Anjaneya Swami Temple, Nallatore, T Nadu

Sri Vyasaraja Pradeshta Hanuman

Veera Mangala Anjaneya Swami Temple, Nallatore, T Nadu

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Nallatore village and Sri Vyasaraja Swamigal

Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha

Lord Veera Mangala Anjaneya temple in Nallatore village, Tiruttani taluk, Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu is situated on the banks of the Kusaasthalai, with the presiding deity Veera Anjaneya popularly known also as Bala Anjaneya. It is said to have been built originally during the 15th century by the saint Sri Vyasaraja Swamigal who was guru of Emperor Krishnadevarayar. Saint Sri Vyasaraja Swamigal was on his way to Tirupati where he was to perform his Vyasa puja and observe the chatur masa vritha. But since the river Kusaasthalai was flooded he could not cross the river. On the divine direction, Sri Vyasaraja Swamigal installed the Shri Veera Anjaneya shilpa in the banks of Kusaasthalai at Nallatore village, which he was otherwise planning to install in Tirupati. Around Seven hundred and thirty two Hanuman temples were built by this great saint. This temple is one among them

Though the presiding deity is Lord Veera Anjaneya, he is popularly known as Bala Anjaneya since his features resemble those of a small child. Seen as walking towards North direction where Tirupati abode of Lord Venkataswar is situated.

Temple complex

Yoga Anjaneya Swamy, Nallator

This temple is located in a serene surrounding on the banks of the river Kusaasthalai. As you come from Tiruttani just before the bridge on the river on the left side a big arch will invite you to the temple. The huge statue of Lord Yoga Anjaneya Swamy made of cement and mortor in the background of coconut grow will be pleasing to the eye. As you enter the temple through the arch a long path along the river bed will lead you to the main temple. The temple complex has separate shrines for Lord Veera Anjaneyar, Lord Rama, Lord Vinayaka, and Navagrahas.

Lord Veera Anjaneya's shrine has a single - tier vimana. On the southern side of the vimana Yoga Anjaneya with sangu chakra and mala is found. On the east side is the Bhakta Anjaneya. On western side of the vimana is the Panchamukha Anjaneya with five faces and ten hands. On the northern side of the vimana is the Veera Anjaneya with the right hand lifted towards the sky left hand resting on His waist.

Lord Rama's shrine has a two tier vimana and in the shrine Lord Rama is found in the "Panchhtra" pose along with His consort Devishri Sita, His anuja Lakshmana, His baktha Lord Shri Anjalihastha Anjaneya.

Lord Vinayaka is housed in the shrine which has a single tier vimana.

The Navagrahas have a separate shrine, the Navagrahas are found with their vahanas.

The maha Kumbhabishekam was performed on July 7, 1998 after reinstalling the idol of Lord Veera Anjaneya in accordance with the Pancharatna Agama rules by the Shri Veera Anjaneya Bhaktha Samaj.

Sri Vyasaraja Pradeshta Sri Veera Anjaneya

Lord Veera Anjaneya's right hand depicts 'abhaya mudra' with lotus petals in the palm, the left is found holding a lotus bud close to the chest. The lotus is known as the symbol of gyana, aiswarya, and a symbol of vijaya; representing Goddess Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga.

Anjaneya Swamy, Nallator

As the best ornament of a Brahmachari He has a tuft and this long hair is tied up and He wears the vyshnava symbol thiruman in his long forehead. He gives His kataksha to the Bhakthas through Pingaksha as His eyeball has a golden hue. Vishnu in His incarnation as Narasimha is said to have long sharp teeth known as gorapal here Bala Anjaneya also has gorapal. His long ears ever listening to Ramakatha wears a Panchamukha earring in kuntala form. There are also garlands sculptured around His neck. He adorns a mala made of Saleegramam - a rare fossil stone, found normally in Nepal.

His both arms are adorned with armlets known as keuryaha, a bracelet known as parihariyajha and a bangle known as kankana in his wrist. He has a dagger at His hip and a long belt around the waist. In His lotus feet he has two different types of anklets one resting in the foot known as Noopuram, one on his ankle known as thandai.

Sri Bala Hanuman : The Bala Anjaneya Swami of this kshetra with a golden hue eye is waiting to bless the devotees with His kataksham. We are blessed to have dharshan of the Lord.


Location of the temple :    "Veera Mangala Anjaneya Swami Temple, Nallatore"


Have dharshan of Sri Bala Anjaneya on the banks of Kusaasthalai where Sri Vyasaraja had performed Sri Vyasapuja as per the wishes of Lord Venkateswara. Bring home the blessings of Sri Vyasa, Sri Vekateswara, Sri Anjaneya and Sri Vyasaraja.


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