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Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Hanumantha Pura, Tumkur, Karnataka

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Tumkur district

The present district of Tumkur had been under the rule of many popular dynasties like Western Ganga dynasty, Rastrakutas and The Chalukyas. The Nolambas under these rulers ruled the area for a long time. The area was under Vijayanagara Empire’s rule from 13th to 17th century. Following this Mysore Wodeyars were the rulers of this area.

Tumkur city

The Tumkur town was the administrative headquarters for the entire district for a long period. During Mysore Wodeyars time the town was made a municipalityin the year 1916. Self-rule of the residents of Tumkur started after the setting up of the municipality. In the year 2010 the town of Tumkur was converted into a city corporation. This middle class majority city, with a literacy rate of 80% is presently a ‘satellite’ township of Bangalore. Since the distance between these two cities are just seventy kilo meters only many small traders and Government employees of Bangalore prefer to operate from here.

Anjaneya temples of Tumkur

There are quite a few temples for Sri Anjaneya in the town. Kote Anjaneya Swamy temple, Bayalu Anjaneya Swami Temple, Shettihalli Gate Anjaneya Temple are few names to mention. All these Anjaneya Temples are most visited temples of this town. All these temples are quite ancient and had received patronage form the royals during different rulers. Almost all of them claim to be installed by Sri Vyasaraja Gurugalu.

Hanumanthapura Anjaneya Temple

Anjaneya temple is located around six kilo meters from the town of Tumkur, in location called Hanumathapura. The temple is at a distance of three kilometers from the main bus station by walk. A simple structure constitutes the temple which is located on a huge open ground. At a distance one can see the chariot shed housing the chariot used during the car festival. A small arch depicting the main deity on the top of the porch welcomes the devotees to the temple. Devotee can have dharshan of the Lord from the doorway itself.

Rama Ravana war

On the day when Ravana comes to the war field for the first time, he fought with all his might. At one stage he encounters Lakshmana and engages him in fight. Ravana when countered with equal might from Lakshmana, uses a weapon gifted by Brahma on Lakshmana. Hit upon by this powerful weapon Lakshmana falls on the ground and faints. Ravana wanted to carry him away and tries to lift him. He could not move him, leave the lifting him off the ground.

Seeing that Lakshmna is in trouble Hanuman comes and gives a big blow to Ravana. Ravana lands on the ground profoundly bleeding through mouth, ears, and eyes. Hanuman at that movement lifted Lakshmna and goes away. Soon Ravana recovers from the shock and climbs back on his chariot.Meanwhile Lakshmana recovers from the shock and Sri Rama saw the monkey army being attacked by Ravana. On seeing this Sri Rama rushes towards Ravana.

Hanuman as Chariot of Sri Rama

Hanuman as Chariot of Sri Rama, courtesy: wikipedia_common Sri Hanuman saw that Ravana was back on his chariot and Rama had to fight him standing on the ground. Hanuman told Sri Rama “You must punish the demon by climbing on my back, as Vishnu on Garuda in order to fight with the enemy of Gods.”Rama soon after mounted the great monkey, Hanuman. Rama the Lord of men then saw Ravana standing in his chariot in the battle-field. The fight ensues and the angry Ravana at one stage hits Hanuman who was carrying Rama. On seeing Hanuman being hit by Ravana, Rama knocks down the chariot of Ravana. In the commotion Ravana fell from the chariot, Rama then pulled a string of the bow and the arrow took away the crown of Ravana. Rama says “in this condition, I would not like to put you under the clutches of Death.Go back to Lanka and come back in your chariot with your bow and then standing in your chariot, you will witness once more my prowess."

The above said description is from Valmiki Ramayanam. We can see many painting depicting this scene where Sri Hanuman is carrying Sri Rama. This act of Sri Hanuman had earned him the name of “Tiruvadi” in Tamil. While the picture of this scene common there is rarely any temple where the main deity is worshiped in this form.

Bayalu Anjaneya Temple

During early days the scene described above where Sri Hanuman acts as chariot for Sri Rama had been sculpted on a rock which was in the open space in present-day Hanumanthapura. People living nearby started worshiping Sri Hanuman along with Sri Rama. To have these two deities together in the same vigraha is very rare and unique. ‘Bayulu’ means open space in Kanada language; hence the Anjaneya came to know as Bayulu Anjaneya. Over a period Sri Anjaneya attracted more devotees towards him. Many rulers of this place had contributed their might towards the development of this temple. Today it looks the description as stated above.

Uniqueness of Sri Bayalu Anjaneya

In the scene of war-field in Lanka described above Sri Anjaneya carries Sri Rama facing Ravana. But in the moortham of Hanumathapura, there is a Rakshasa near the feet of Sri Anjaneya is also found. Legend goes that when Sri Rama carried by Sri Hanuman was attacking Ravana, a demon crawled unto the feet of Sri Hanuman. His intention was to pull the feet of Sri Hanuman so as to imbalance him thereby make Sri Rama’s fall. But when the demon caught the feet of Sri Hanuman, he felt the divinely bless of the both the Lords. His intention changed, and as a devotee of Sri Rama he clinched on to the charan of Sri Hanuman, the greatest of all SriRama bhakta.

The temple is west facing so also Bayalu Sri Anjaneya. The moortham is about ten feet tall. Sri Anjaneya is facing the devotees and with His right hand blesses all His devotees with ‘abhaya’. The demon is seen near His left foot. Sri Rama is seen standing on the strong shoulders of Sri Anjaneya.


Location of the temple :    "Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Tumkur"


Lord is seen carrying His Lord Sri Rama, sight of which itself gives nirbhayatvam to His devotees. Direct looking bright glowing eyes of the Lord is radiating with compassion bestows all mangalam to His devotees.


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