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Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple, near CMR market, Kolar, Karnataka

Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple, near CMR market, Kolar, Karnataka

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Kolar city lies to the east of ‘Shata-sringa’ range of hills. Shata means hundred and sringa means peak. There is a temple for Lord Shiva in one of these mountains, and the place is called ‘Anthar-ganga’ [meaning the Ganga which flows from deep-in]. The lord of this kshetra is called Jalakanteswara. This kshetra is associated with Sri Parasurama.

Name Kolar

Jamadagni, father of Parasurama had a divine cow named Surabhi and was doing penance in this hill. King Kartavirya Arjuna (Sahasrarjuna) visited Jamadagni along with his army. When he came to know about the wonderful cow he demanded that the cow be given to the king as there is no need for such a cow for a rishi. Jamadagni refused to part with the cow since it is required for his religious rituals. In a fit of anger the king beheaded Jamadagni. Hearing this from his mother, Parasurama killed the entire army and beheaded Kartavirya Arjuna with his axe. Then Parasurama took an oath to behead the entire Kshatriya race and is said to have taken place on the hills. It is said that this place got its name from the word 'kolahala' (meaning celebration of the death of Kartaviryarjuna) and it later became Kolar.

inner view of Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple, near CMR market, Kolar, Karnataka

The history of the city has been recorded from 350CE, when Konganivarman Madhava founded Western Ganga dynasty with this kshetra as his capital.

Temples in Kolar

From the time of inception of this place as a capital and also because of the influence of nearby religious places like Avani and Mulbagal, rulers had built many magnificent temples in Kolar. Sri Kolaramma temple, Sri Someshwara temple and Sri Jalakanteswara temple alias Kasi Viswanatha temple at Antaragange are the most visited among them. Successive rulers expanded these temples and many other temples. There are many temples that had been built in this kshetra by the rulers. To mention particularly there are numerous temples for Sri Anjaneya in this kshetra.

Early Anjaneya Temple

This place had not been a city then. The area was covered by dense forest. Many Rishis were doing penance at this aaranyam. On an auspicious day, the rishis had a divine dharshan about three sanctified places Antaragange, kolar and Kondarajanahalli. With the blessings of God, the rishis had installed three murties at the same time simultaneously in these three places. They were Lord Shiva at Antaragange, Lord Parasurama at Kolar katte, and Lord Anjaneya at Kondarajanahalli.

Anjaneya Temple, CMR market, Kolar

Sri Anjaneya Swami, Kolar, Karnataka

Thus installed by these Rishis, Lord Anjaneya is presently housed at the temple in Kondarajanahalli adjacent to CMR market on National Highway No.75. Close to about three hundred years ago when Kolar started developing and expanding, the area around this place became a dwelling place for the local people. The idol was later discovered and it was identified as an ancient one. From then onwards regular pujas are conducted to the Lord. Over a period, with the generous contribution from devotees, a temple was built.

Today, a huge Anjaneya statue, built with cement and mortar in the compound of the temple complex could be seen from far distance.

Sri Anjaneya

Sri Anjaneya is facing west and is seen walking towards south with His left foot first. Both His lotus feet are adorning with Thandai and nupuram. Sight of His strong tough thighs will itself give the devotee strength. The sword is held in the hip by the ornamental waist belt. His tail raises and goes behind His back. Across His broad chest is seen the yagnopaveedam. His left hand is seen holding the stem of sowgandika pushpa near His left hip. The stem of the flower rises above and is seen above His left shoulder. With His right hand He is bestowing blessings to devotees in abhya mudra. In His both wrist he is adorning kankanam, and angadam is seen in both the arms. His kesam is combed neatly, plaited and held tightly by a decorative ‘kesa bhadha’. He is wearing ‘kuntalam’ and ‘karna pushpam’ in his long ears. The long eye brow and large eye is the most attractive feature of Anjaneya of this kshetra. There is no word to describe the attention His ‘kataksham’ eye draws. One look at the eyes of the Lord, the devotee will fall in love with the Lord.



Kolar is known for Gold. Come, have dharshan of the Lord and carry home a golden heart.


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