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Sidhbali Temple, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand :: by Sweta Rawat - Wiki Commons, Public Domain

Sri Sidhbali Temple, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

Dr. Kausalya


We were on our way to attend a workshop at Mussoorie. We went by “Mussoorie express” from Delhi to Kotdwar and from there we were to go by car to Mussoorie. We took this route since going by car all the way from Delhi would have been tiresome.

Once we reached Kotdwar railway station, we were in for a suprise. Climate outside was so pleasant reminding me of the description given in novels. We took our bath and took breakfast before we took our journey to Mussoorie. At the railway station there was lot of pilgrims who were to visit/visited Sidhbali temple.

When we enquired about the temple Sidhbali we were told that the temple is that of Sri Hanuman. We were blessed to have visited the temple and had dharshan of Sri Hanumanji.

About Kotdwar

This gateway of Himalayan Region, Kotdwar of Uttrakhand derived its name as it is the gateway of the river Khoh. Kotdwar Railway station, established in 1890 by the Britishers is one of the oldest railway stations of the country. Khoh is tributary of the Ramganga River, which in turn is a tributary of Ganga. The place surrounded by hills and all through green you feel as if you are in the middle of heaven.

Sidhbali Mandir

In the name Sidhbali, Sidh means ascetic [loosely translated] and bali means valor. Sri Hanumanji here is worshiped in this name. He is both Sidha as well as bali. The Mandir is just four to five kilo meters from the Kotdwar railway station. It is located on the other bank of the river Khoh. Wide bridge on the river is used by the pilgrims to go to the temple. It is a pleasant sight to see the temple from here located atop a small hillock with hill and forest on the backdrop of the temple. The river Khoh infact makes a U turn at this point and takes a pradhakshanam of this hillock where Sri Hanumanji resides.


The sanctity of the place attracted many saints and sadhus for doing tapas over the years. One such saint prayed to Sri Hanuman and attained self realisation on this hilltop. The ascetic power of this Siddhapurusha was vibrant here and many felt this. In the course of time devotees established that two natural Pindi [sacred stone] in the place of which one Pindi identified with SriHanumanji and the otherwith that of the saintly Siddhapurush. Guru Sri Gorakhnath is said to have done penence here. Thereby the place came to be known as Siddha+bali – Sidhbali.

In the recent past, an incident that took place at this holy place reestablishing the fact that this place is sacred. A Muslim officer working under the British rule was on his way to some place via this holy place. He fell unconscious here, and was instructed and given a divine direction that a mandir should be established with the two sacred pindi in the garbhagraha. When he gained conscious he told the people round him about the divine direction.

Thus came the temple of Sidhbali.

Present Sidhbali Temple

Devotees had to climb around one hundred and fifty steps to the temple at the top of the hillock. Visiting devotees may kindly note that the main deities of this temple are the two pindis that are placed in the Garbhagraha. The huge statue of Bajaragbali in the center is recently established one.

As one climb steps, they will land on an open space with fences to regulate the devotees to visit for dharshan. The sight from here with hills, forest and river all round will mesmerize the devotee and the mind will be cleared of all thoughts, worries and get prepared for dharshan of Sidhbali with pure and fresh mind.

Have dharshan of Sidhpurush and Bajarangbali in those two pindis established on both side of the deity of Sri Hanumanji.


Location of the temple :    "Sidhbali Temple, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand"


Have dharshan of Sidhbali and the gain in enthusiasam and zeal will find incresed leap and bounds.


Ed: November 2019





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