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Sri Jayamangala Anjaneya Temple as on May 1944, Idugampalayam, Sirumugai, Coimbatore

Sri Jayamangala Anjaneya Temple
Idugampalayam, Sirumugai, Coimbatore

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Gateway to Sri Jayamangala Anjaneya temple, Idugampalayam, Sirumugai, Coimbatore Coimbatore and the surrounding areas were under the rule of Madurai Sultanate. Vijayanagar emperor toppled the Madurai Sultanate in the year 1378 and all their area were brought under Bukka-I of Vijayanagar Samrajya. Vijayanagar subsequently gave autonomous power to their Maha Nayak, paving way to form independent rule with Madurai as the capital. This dynasty is known as Madurai Nayaks. Famous among them are Tirumalai Nayak and Rani Mangamma.

Then during 18th century Coimbatore came under the Mysore rulers and also British. Mysore Maharajas, who had Srirangapatna near Mysuru their capital, are ardent devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Sirumugai is located forty five kilo meters north of Coimbatore and is on the way to Mettupalayam. Today this place is known for one of the finest silk saris produced here. Many of the people had taken up weaving as profession for Coimbatore offers one of the best yarns. Community had settled many centuries back with weaving as the main job. The River Bavani is not far off. During 18th Centaury this area was governed by Palayakar, representatives of rulers.


Flag post of Sri Jayamangala Anjaneya temple, Idugampalayam, Sirumugai, Coimbatore Where ever army camps are set up, then that particular place gets "pallayam" suffixed. When Palayakar had their army camp near Sirumugai, the place Idugam became Idugampalayam. This place is near Sirumugai and just five kilo meters away.

Hanuman of Palayam

Even prior to Palayakar setting up an army camp, this place had a temple for Sri Hanuman, who was worshiped by the army men of Vijayanagar, Madurai Nayaks as well as Mysore maharajas. Therefore it could be any of these rulers could have established this temple for Sri Hanuman. It was known for many years outside the village folks about the existence of Sri Hanuman temple.

The inscriptions in the temple and presence of a 'fish' symbol, the royal identification of Pandiya dynasty in the sannidhi of Siva Parvati suggests that this might have been a temple complex by itself. During the ransacking of Hindu temples these treasures might have been lost. But Sri Hanuman withstood all these and made a comeback.

Temple for Hanuman

Sri Jayamangala Anjaneya, Idugampalayam, Sirumugai, Coimbatore Till early 90's Sri Hanuman was standing open to sky and the locals offered their prayers and offerings in their own humble way. During mid 90's the villagers came together and built a humble temple for their Lord and called "Sri Hanumantha Rayan Koil" as was the practice of people of the region. Since Lord had taken care of the people who had prayed with all sincerity and belief, the mighty power of the Lord's bestowing the needy spread. Today the devotees throng the temple and temple complex had been rebuilt and in a huge manner.

Garbhagraham is about sixteen by sixteen feet, followed we have an ardha mandapam and then a maha mandapam.

Lord Sri Hanuman

The statue of the deity may be about six and half feet in height and five feet in width. Unlike in other kshetras Lord is 'yadur mukhi', that is to say His devotees can have dharshan of His entire face. Lord's right hand is raised giving blessings by way of showing 'abhaya mudra'. Devotee can also see a small 'chakra' in Lord's palm. Lord's left hand He is holding 'sowgandhika flower'. The flower which is yet to bloom is seen above His left shoulder. He is wearing ornaments which adornes His bosom. The tail of Lord is seen behind right arm and moving above His head with a slight bend at the end. A small bell adorns the end of the tail.

Both His eyes are glowing and look straight to the devotee. The sight of which is mesmerizing and captivating.



Visit to this kshetra and dharshan of Lord is sure to enslave the devotee and get him out of all worries and any anxieties.


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