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Gateway to  Sri Veera Vijaya Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Dakshina Pathapalayam, Gudiyattam, Vellore, T Nadu.

Sri Veera Vijaya Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Temple
Dakshina Pathapalayam, Gudiyattam, Vellore, T Nadu.

Sri V.P.Narasimha Gupta, Vellore

Dakshina Pathapalayam

Sri Veera Vijaya Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Dakshina Pathapalayam, Gudiyattam, Vellore, T Nadu. The Hanuman temple in Dakshina Pathapalayam is a popular destination for us to visit during holidays. Dakshina Pathapalayam is more popularly known as D.P.Pallayam. For the last fifteen years i.e., from my collage days I had been visiting the temple. It takes approximately one hour to reach D. P. Pallayam from Vellore via Paradarami. One can reach Paradarami by bus from Vellore. Further, one may choose to hire an auto or share-auto or local bus to reach D.P Pallayam Hanuman temple. The temple is open through the entire day.

Route to Dakshina Pathapalayam

The drive from Vellore to this temple via State Highway is a pleasant experience. One can see mango grooves, poultry farms, hillocks and small mountains all through the way on both sides of the road, making plesent scenery. Especially if travelling just after monsoon then journey will be most enjoyable. Since the road is laid through the hillocks, it will be bumpy but enjoyable ride. Although the DP Pallayam is in Tamilnadu, your mobile will welcome you to Andhra Pradesh. Border is so near that many times towers located in Chitoor district of Andhra, nearby will locate your mobile.

Temple then

Giri pradhakshanam,  Sri Anjaneya Temple, D.P.Pallayam, TNadu D.P.Pallyam is even now surrounded by hillocks and rocks. Around fifteen years back when I visited this place Sri Hanuman moorti which was carved on a rock was open to sky. The poojari used to reside in a nearby shed and comes to the temple when he sees a devotee. Today with the efforts of local villagers and contributions from devotees, a beautiful temple building has been constructed. On all Purnima days, devotees will visit the temple in large numbers and offer prayers throughout the day. Annual function of the temple is celebrated in the Purnima of Karthik month of Indian calander. Earlier it used to be devotees from nearby villages only, but slowly Sri Hanuman attracted devotees from far and near. Today devotees from Vellore, Chitoor, and Gudiyattam are thronging the temple. Today devotees come in group and make giri pradhakshanam of the hillock in which Sri Hanuman temple is present.

Temple Today

Sri Veera Vijaya Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Dakshina Pathapalayam, Gudiyattam, Vellore, T Nadu.

One will be welcomed by the great arch in the main road indicating the road leading to the temple. From the distance itself one can see the great rajagopuram of the temple. The temple is east facing. Once you enter the temple, you witness a huge bountifully made stone lamp pillar. Sri Anjaneya Swamy is carved in the base of this lamp pillar. Subsequently, you witness an excellently carved camel, the vahanam of Sri Anjaneya, placed on a raised plateform just in front of the lamp piller facing the Garbhagraham. The vahana is carved so well that despite being in sitting posture, camel looks as if it is ready to move. There is a huge mandapam, which has a beautiful arch on the top decorated with Sri Rama parivar and Sri Panchamukha Hanuman and veera Hanuman on either side. The Garbhagraham is in the west side of the mandapam. One can do “pradakshanam” of the Garbagraham on the the concourse. On the south west corner there is a sannidhi for Vallampuri Vinayakar, and in North West corner there is a sannidhi for Sri Rama parivar.

Sri Veera Vijaya Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy

Sri Veera Vijaya Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy, Dakshina Pathapalayam, Gudiyattam, Vellore, T Nadu. Lord Sri Anjaneya Swamy of this kshetra hass been carved on the big rock boulder of a hillock itself, in the form of an ‘ardha shila’. Lord is seen walking northward with His left lotus foot adoring nupuram and thandai in the front. His right lotus foot is seen slightly raised from the ground. His left hand adorning bracelet is seen resting on the left hip and in His hand He is holding the stem of sowgandika flower. The flower is seen above His left shoulder. He is wearing ornaments which adorn His bosom. With His raised other hand He showers blessings on His devotees. The tail of the Lord rises above His head with a curved end. Lord is wearing ear-studs and His kesam is neatly tied. His eyes are glowing and emitting karuna on the devotee. With such bright glowing eyes Lord of the kshetra is bestowing the blessings to His devotees.


Location of the temple :   


Have dharshan of the Lord Sri Anjaneya Swamy of this kshetra who dispels the fear abhaya], bestows courage [veera], and blesses victory [Vijaya].


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Our salutations to this Hanuman who always brings subham - everything that is good - for His devotees and eliminates the bad and the evil. He removes even the traces of bad thoughts and deeds from His devotees. i.e He makes them pure in words, thought and deed.