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Sri Rama Dasa Anjaneya Swami Temple, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

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Sri Adinarayana Rao of Kambainallur the Anjaneya Baktha

Sri Adinarayana Rao of Kambainallur,near Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu was then working in a responsible post under Sir Thomas Monroe, the then Collector of Madras. Sri Rao was an ardent devotee of Sri Anjaneya Swami. He had made it a practice to have daily darshan of Sri Anjaneya at the temple in his native place Kambainallur. As a routine-after finishing his daily puja, and after having darshan of Sri Anjaneya - he used to feed all the near and dear at his home and then only he will take his food. Even in the event of his going out of his native place on official tour, the feeding used to be conducted without fail. (This practice established by Sri Adinarayana Rao was continued for three generations by his family.)

Establishment of Anjaneya Temple at Dharmapuri

Vimanam of Dasa Anjaneya sannidhi of Dharmapuri

While on tour at Dharmapuri, Sri Adinarayana Rao as usual wanted to pray at an Anjaneya Temple and have the darshan of his Lord. But he could not find any temple of Anjaneya at Dharmapuri. The day went without food for him. He soon established a temple for Sri Anjaneya Swami at Dharmapuri and arranged for the daily pujas to be performed by the pundits from his native place, Kambainallur. This was around three hundred years ago.

Lost Glory reestablished

In time to come the temple lost its glory, for reasons best known to Sri Anjaneya Swami. The daily pujas, however, continued and was never interrupted during the intervening period. The devotees were interested in bringing back the glory of the temple and were trying to raise funds. The pujas were being performed by one Sri Krishnamoorthi Rao alias Krishnamacharya - a local school teacher. He got a divine direction to recite and sing Sri Purandaradasar's Krithis in the temple. This task was taken up by one Sri Sethumadhava Rao and under his leadership the daily bhajans were undertaken in the premises of the temple. It is believed that Sri Anjaneya Swami himself had participated in the bhajans by dancing to the rhythms of the bhajans/songs. During one such bhajan program one of the devotees expressed an opinion that to please Sri Anjaneya Swami and to bring back the glory to the murti of the temple, they should perform anointment (Abhishekam) of the Anjaneya murti with honey.

Miracle that brought glory and Kumhabhishekam

The proposal was agreed upon and the very next day the vouched ceremony of abhishekam with honey was performed. On that very night one Dr. G.Jagadish Kamath, who had no prior knowledge of the existence of this temple, got a divine direction to undertake the renovation of the temple by giving full details thereof to him. He went in search of the temple and finally located this temple which matched with all the details he had seen in his dream. With the funds provided by Dr.G.J.Kamath the renovation of the temple was commenced and now the first phase of the renovation is over. The Kumbhabhishekam was performed by Sri Sri H.H.Shri Vignananidhi Teertharu swamigal of SriPadaraja mutt on 14th May 1993. The second phase of the renovation is in progress and efforts are on for raising funds for the same.

The Temple and Sri Dasa Anjaneya idol

Dasa Anjaneya of Dharmapuri

This temple "Sri Dasa Anjaneya Temple" is located in Sri Hariharanatha Swami temple street, and is about one and half kilo meters from the main Dharmapuri bus stand. One can have the dharshan of Sri Anjaneya from the main entrance itself. The ‘moolavar’ is about one and half feet in height. "Sri Dasa Anjaneya" as the name suggests is seen with His hands folded standing east facing. His lankoolam (tail) is raised on his back. Just behind the moolavar one could see on the platform of about three feet height, Sri Rama in the sitting posture and Sri mata Sita Devi is seen sitting on the right thigh of Sri Rama. H.H. Sri Sri Swamigal of Mulbagal Mutt had performed the installation ceremony (prathista) of Sri Rama vigraha on 16.05.1992.

Sri Anantha Padmanabanabha Swami Saligramam

Saligramam is a rare fossil stone, found normally in Nepal and it is supposed to represent Hari in the Pujas. The religious experts can virtually read the saligramam and identify that particular saligramam with a particular form of Vishnu. Here in this temple the saligramam is identified with Sri Anantha Padmanabanabha Swami and it is placed on the head of Sri Dasa Anjaneya.

Honey Abhishekam and Hari Vayu Sthuthi

The Abhishekam with honey is performed to the Saligramam and Sri Anjaneya every Saturday, Sunday, Poornamavasya, Amavasya and also on other designated occasions except on Ekadesi day. When Abhishekam with honey to Sri Dasa Anjaneya Swami is being performed there will be recitation of 'Hari Vayu Sthuthi'. The 'Hari Vayu Sthuthi' is a rare composition by Sri Tiruvikrama Pandithachar - a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharyaa - consisting of forty one verses.


for further details please contact:
Sree Seetha Rama Dasa Anjaneya Swami temple
106, Hariharanatha Swami Koil Street,
Dharmapuri – 636 702



It is said that the devotees offering Thenabhishekam (Abhishekam with honey) to Bhagawan Anjaneya Swami of this kshethra get their wishes fulfilled, as He is Bhakthavatsalan.


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