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The intention of this site is to propagate the glory of Lord Anjaneya [Hanuman].

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Our salutations to this Hanuman who always brings subham - everything that is good - for His devotees and eliminates the bad and the evil. He removes even the traces of bad thoughts and deeds from His devotees. i.e He makes them pure in words, thought and deed.






Ariticles in praise of Sri Hanuman

Buddimattam varishtam

Sri K C Subbaiah

At Ashok Vatika when he saw Sita weeping and was about to commit suicide, he could have jumped down form the tree and prevented her but he didn't do it because the sudden appearance of a stranger may frighten Sita and she may hang herself in that fear. So, he started reciting Rama katha to divert her attention and prevent her from the risk of taking her life.

Sometime later, while conversing with Sita, he first tells about himself, tells her about the condition of Rama and Lakshmana and how they were longing to get her back and then after gaining her confidence, he hands over Rama's ring to her. That shows the maturity of Hanuman in tackling situations. In the end when Sita raised a genuine doubt about how Rama and Lakshmana could reach Lanka to save her, Hanuman consoles her by saying :

Madvisishtascha thulyascha Santhithathra vanowkasaha
mathah prathyavarah kaschith nasthi Sugreeva sannidhow
ekothapathenavy Lankam ekshyanthi hariyudhapaaha
nahiprakrishtaha preshyanthe preshyanthehi itharejanaha

i.e. he says the other Vanaras who are with Sugreeva are much more powerful than him and in one jump they can land in Lanka. Otherwise also when a letter or message is to be delivered, it is an ordinary messenger who is deputed to do the job and the very fact that he has been deputed for this job goes to show how small a person he was and how great the others with Sugreeva were. As for Rama and Lakshman he said he will place them on his shoulders and bring them there and so no worry about them.

This reply of Hanuman shows the intelligence and wisdom of Hamuman in giving a suitable reply and assuring Sita about the certainty of her retrieval. That is how Hanuman is said to be Buddimataam Varishtham. Any other person in the face of great doubt that was raised by Sita would have said that he is in agreement with her, as none among the other vanaras could attempt to cross the ocean and come over to Lanka. But, Hanuman gave such an assurance to Sita that she had no doubts that Rama would surely come to rescue her.

Then about the burning of Lanka by Hanuman, some commentators have expressed the view that Hanuman should not have done this. But, what did Hanuman do? He met Ravana and advised him very convincingly that he should return Sita to Rama, but Ravana was angry with a messenger come to advise him. He ordered the messenger to be killed. Ravana's brother Vibhishana intervened and said that killing a doota is against the Raja Dharma. If at all the king wanted to do something to him for his destroying the Ashok Vatika and killing a number of Rakshasa warriors in the fight that ensued, he can give punishment and let him off. Then Ravana said: "kapeenam kilalangoolam ishtham bhavathi sobhanam" i.e., the tail of a monkey is dearest to it.

Therefore set fire to his tail and when he goes back home with a burnt tail, his tribe will not admit a monkey without tail and that tribe thermselves will kill him for coming back with an insult.

Then all people of Lanka went to their homes and brought rags to tie over Hanuman's tail, some poured oil over it and finally they set fire to the tail with great enthusiasm and joy. Now Hanuman started thinking as to what he should do with the fire. He said, "There is enough fire in my own country and I need not carry fire from here. This fire has come as an atithi over my tail. When an atithi comes, it is my duty to feed him and keep him happy". So he said : "Asya santharpanam nyayyam"

So he moved over the place with the long burning tail and he went to every house from where the rags, the oil and the fire had come, returned the fire to every such house and moved on. Thus, all the houses which had supplied the material for burning Hanuman's tail got back the fire from him and started burning and the whole of Lanka was burning, except for two places, one was Vibhishana's house and the other was the Ashok Vatika. These places were left out because no material for burning his tail came from these two places. Thereafter he came back to Sita, took leave of her and flew back. When all vanaras were waiting for his return, he landed back saying "Drishta Sita" and all the vanaras were so happy at this news. Hanuman was such a strong and intelligent person that everyone appreciated him and he was called "Sachivottama".

Rama was so much pleased with him for all his achievements and gave him the honour and embraced him. It is said that Rama was so happy with Hanuman that whatever work was entrusted to him, he did it so nicely, so completely and there was no doubt about his success at all. So, it seems once he asked him "Who are you really, I want to know from you." Hanuman replied to him saying "O Lord, you know it, but still if you want me to say it, let me say this :

Deha budhyathu dasoham Jeevabudhyathvadhamsakaha athmabudhyathvamevaham

i.e., At the body level I am your servant, as a Jeeva I am your amsha, at the level of atma you and I are one only.

That great Hanuman was one with brawn, brain and total surrender in devotion combined. He stands as an example of one who attained this knowledge by devoted namasankeerthanam. So devoted namasankeertanam can make us budhimataam varishtam.


|| Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram ||
|| Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram ||

author was the vice president of Delhi Ramana Kendra
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