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The intention of this site is to propagate the glory of Lord Anjaneya [Hanuman].

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Our salutations to this Hanuman who always brings subham - everything that is good - for His devotees and eliminates the bad and the evil. He removes even the traces of bad thoughts and deeds from His devotees. i.e He makes them pure in words, thought and deed.






Ariticles in praise of Sri Hanuman

Marutha Tulya Vegam

Sri K C Subbaiah

When we think of Rama-charitam Ramayanam, one who shines as a pendant on Ramayana Mahamaala, that great Rama bhakta Hanuman comes to our mind.

Hanuman's great qualities are described in one sloka which runs as follows:

Manojavam maruta tulya vegam
Jitendriyam budhimataam varishtam

मनोजवं मारुततुल्यवेगं जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठम् ।
वातात्मजं वानरयूथमुख्यं श्रीरामदूतं शिरसा नमामि ॥

Hanuman was a great scholar having studied the vedas and the vyakarnas etc., under his guru the Sun God. Let us see how Lord Rama himself describes how scholarly Hanuman spoke to them on their first meeting.

Hanuman is introduced in the Kishkindha Kandam of Ramayanam and continues to be present in the rest of Ramayana. When he first appears before Rama and Lakshmana and speaks to them, he addresses them in dwivachanam. Rama feels so happy and he was so much impressed by the way he introdced himself and talked to them, who were total strangers there. Rama speaks to Lakshmana about Hanuman in the following verses in the Kishkindha Kandam.

Nanrigveda Vineethasa nayajurveda Dharinaha
nasamaveda Vidushaha Shakyamevam Prabhashitum
Nunam vyakaranam Kritsnam anena bahudha Srutham
bahu vyaharathanena nakinchidapiasabdhitham
Namukhe netrayorvapi lalatecha bhruvostatha
anyeshwapicha gathreshu dhoshahasamvidahkwachith
Avistharam asandigdham avilambithamadhrutham
urastham kanthagam vakyam varthathe madhyamesware
samskara kramasampannam adhritham avalambitham
utcharayati Kalyaneem vacham hridayaharineem
Anayaha chitrayavaacha thristhana vyanjanasthaya
kasyanaradhyathe chittham udhyathaserarerapi

i.e., He says that a person who has not read the vedas and vyakaramam cannot speak like this. He spoke in madhyama swaram, not in a high tone or low tone, nor fast nor slow, no unnecessary movement of hands head etc., and who can remain unconvinced after listening to such a person?

Rama to speak about him in such high terms goes to show how learned and how excellent a person he was.

As a doota, a messenger, when he was to go to Lanka, all other Vanaras including Sugreeva and Jambavan who were not found suitable were anxiously watching. When Hanuman agreed to go, he left no doubt in the minds of the other great vanara warriors that he would surely accomplish the job and return victorious. He told them :

Yatha Raghava nirmukthaha Saraswasnavikramaha
gachethadwatgamishyami Lankam Ravanapalitham
nahidrakshayami yadhitham Lankayam Janakathmajam
anenyvahivegena gamishyami suralayam
Yadivathridhive Sitam nadhrakshamyakrithasramaha
badhva rakshasa rajanam aanayishyami Ravanam
Saravatha kritha karyoham eshyami saha Sithaya
aanayishyamiva Lankam Smutpatya sa Ravanam

i.e., Hanuman says " Like Rama banam, I will straight go to Lanka ruled by Ravana. If I do not find Sita in Lanka, with the same speed I shall proceed to Devaloka. If in spite of my best efforts I do not find Sita there also, I will go back to Lanka, catch hold of Ravana, tie him up and bring him before you here. I will surely succeed in my effort and come back with Sita."

This shows the courage with which he undertakes the job entrusted to him and moves towards the goal with comfort, speed and determination with mano vegam, maruta vegam.

Offering prayers to Hanuman, He shall bestow upon us these gunas.


|| Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram ||
|| Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram ||

author was the vice president of Delhi Ramana Kendra
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